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Employment Equity

Europcar is committed to ensuring that all our employees, irrespective of race, gender, and disability have equal employment opportunities and are equitably represented at all levels and occupational categories in the organisation. We are actively pursuing equity targets and continuously improving our position.

Europcar has met the legal requirements by submitting the Employment Equity Plan. This plan is available at www.labour.gov.za

74% of our staff members are black, with good representation of black women in junior and middle management. Our focus in the immediate future is to achieve this representation at senior management level.

Our employment equity programme includes:

  • Recruitment programmes to employ talented employees from historically disadvantaged groups, at all levels
  • Implementing human resources development programmes aimed at enhancing the skills of employees fromhistorically disadvantaged groups
  • Accelerating the advancement of historically disadvantaged employees to all levels in the organisation
  • Compliance with applicable legislation and targets.